Thursday, December 9, 2010

For John Hitz

A dear friend of mine and my families recently passed away on December 3rd 2010 at age 17 when his heart stopped in his sleep.
I don't know why but drawing him makes me feel like I'm keeping him alive within me and everyone who knew him.
I'm going to keep drawing him whenever I can fit his face in. It makes me feel better. He was my extra little brother. There was hardly a time when you didn't see my brother and him together all the time growing up.
He was wildly adored by so many. His viewing had over 600 people show up, his funeral was held in a decent size church and there still wasn't enough seats for everyone, and the funeral procession to the grave site was seriously over 100 cars long.

Rest in peace buddy,


Friday, August 6, 2010

Jack and the Cactus

Done for a Twisted Fairy Tails book a drawing group Draw Sucka Draw is hosting :]

Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Girl Faces

As I was drawing this at work, a couple came up to me and said they really liked it and their daughter does kids books and could use a new artist, and wanted my info! sweet. Lets hope she liked my drawing haha.

Button Mice

For my sisters book shes writing. Its so cute, I can't wait to do the full illustations

Witch Doctor

I Built A Flying Machine 2

I love this drawing, I wish I had time to color it like I want.  Since schools been out I feel like my art time has been seriously limited but just drawings I can do in one sitting. Coloring and stuff however takes way more time and a computer.  Done june/july 2010

I Built A Flying Machine

Done in the June 2010 in photoshop cs2 :]    This started my many sketches of this kid


Done Entirely in Photoshop cs4  April 2010


Done entirely in Photoshop CS4 Apirl 2010

Space Charachters

Done in Acrylics in March of 2010 :]